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Light bulb efficiency passes through US House, incandescent bulbs flicker in celebration

Darren Murph

Not like Congress has anything more pressing on its plate right now, but the suits on Capitol Hill have somehow found time to poke their noses in yet another minute aspect of our personal lives -- lighting. All jesting aside, it was starting to look like those old, power-hungry incandescent bulbs wouldn't have a second chance at life. If you'll recall, a bill was passed way back in 2007 to kill 'em off by 2012, but Republicans were attempting to reverse things in order to give Americans a bargain option in the years ahead. Despite a 233 to 193 vote in favor of the repeal earlier this week, the necessary super majority wasn't reached. Not willing to be left in the dark, those adamant about getting it turned around shoved it into something else as an amendment late Friday, which did indeed get the oh-so-coveted stamp of approval. Translation? GE has a production line to reactivate, STAT.

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