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Trainz Simulator for iPad on sale for a buck this weekend


Here's a solid deal for a little weekend R&R -- the famous Trainz Simulator on the iPad, which we've written about before, has dropped down to the low price of just 99 cents in the App Store for this weekend only. If you're interested in model trains at all, this is a really amazing app, featuring not only the ability to run virtual trains around any number of environments, but even modify and create your own trainsets right there on the iPad's touchscreen. It's not quite as in-depth as the desktop version of the software, but these Trainz guys take this stuff really seriously, so there are a lot (a lot!) of different options to tweak and build even on the mobile app.

The 99 cent sale is on to celebrate the impending release of an addon pack for the desktop title which features some new modernist trains to play around with, but whether you're a Trainz expert or a newcomer to the series, you can't really pass up the chance to play with the iPad app for just a buck. Head on over to the App Store and grab it now.

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