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Arduino-based GVS1 video sampler is like a DIY MPC for pixelated clips


Sweet merciful tech gods do we love the Arduino. Seriously, it seems there's almost nothing this little MCU can't do. The latest arrow in its quiver of awesomeness is this little sampler, called the GVS1, that can capture, loop, pause, and reverse pixelated clips of 1- or 1.5-bit video in stunning 128 × 96 clarity. (And, before you ask, we're not exactly sure what half-a-bit is either.) The creator, known as Gijs on Vimeo, plans to upgrade the GVS1 to 2-bit capture at some point and is working towards getting some kits out the door in either September or October. If you're impatient, and have have the necessary soldering skills, you can find schematics and the Arduino code at the source. But, before you go, make sure to check out the pair of demo videos after the break.

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