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Crash the Rusty Hearts beta with style with enhanced keys from Massively!

Eliot Lefebvre

Rusty Hearts is heading into closed beta on July 27th, something that participants in our last giveaway of beta keys have no doubt zeroed in on. But we've got another batch of keys to give away just before the beta launches, and this time they're coming with a little something extra. Actually, several extras.

Players who use one of the Rusty Hearts beta keys from Massively will be entitled to a special costume on the first character created -- the Night Witch costume for Angela, the Bright Uniform for Tude, or the Dark Seal outfit for Frantz. You'll also be granted a seven-day Gold Pass and a smattering of items, which should be enough to kick-start your beta experience nicely.

What's that? You already took an entry from our first giveaway? Well, not to worry -- if you grabbed a previous key to the game from us, you'll still get all of the bonuses. But if you haven't yet nabbed a spot in the beta and the latest Perfect World outing interests you, maybe now would be the time to grab a code?


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