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One Shots: Sunsetting


Yavin IV was always one of my favorite planets to visit in Star Wars Galaxies. Especially when you would hit just the right time of day to see the gigantic planet of Yavin hovering in the sky. I caught this screenshot as I was on my way to the Jedi Temple on the jungle world. With the news of the Galaxies shutting down, this screenshot has become a bit mournful for me now. It reminds me of a sunset. It you'd like to celebrate the sunset of SWG with me, I'll be on the Starsider server on Aerron in the evenings EDT.

All this week, Massively writers are spotlighting some of our personal One Shots. What exciting stories revolve around our screenshots? Stay tuned to find out. Next week, after staff picks week, will be free-for-all week for you, our readers. Send any eye-catching, beautiful, scary, or generally epic screenshot to, and we'll pick the best of the best for One Shots!

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