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Use an iPad in a kiosk with aluminum nClosures


The enclosures securing and protecting the iPads I spied at LaGuardia looked like custom jobs for Delta's terminal, but if you want to install an iPad for use in a kiosk, it appears nClosures has your multitouch device literally covered.

The iPad kiosk mount from nClosures is a complete solution, with a lock to secure the aluminum enclosure around the iPad (and an option to add a cable for added security), radio transparency so you can use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and of course a hole for the power cable. The enclosures sport a VESA bolt pattern on the back so you can use those mounts or you can buy one from nClosures. Plus, the company will work with you on custom enclosures if their stock black or silver basic enclosure isn't what you need.

You can buy an enclosure with or without Home button access, all of which cost $169 each. The VESA mount costs $10. These are already in use in some museums, so if you've seen some in the wild, let us know in the comments. These look like a great solution for museums and other installations needing a simple kiosk solution for iPads.

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