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Brink stat page, update now live on PC


Stat tracking is now available for PC players in Brink. The mouse-and-keyboard set should head on over to the FAQ for the basics and then register in the game's stat section.

The PC version of Brink also received an update today, with highlights listed after the break. No word yet on updates for the Xbox 360 or PS3 versions, nor a release date for the Agents of Change DLC.

Brink update highlights:

  • Server admins can set up a custom welcome message for their server that will show up on the loading screen when players connect
  • Fixed Aquarium map from logging only one objective as being completed
  • Incremented networking protocol
  • Added objective timing info to the Stopwatch review screen
  • Fixed player nametags disappearing despite not being affected by flashbang
  • Fixed having a players' weapon stuck in iron-sights for the entire refire duration when needing to perform an auto-reload
  • Added support for showing player health bars for spectators when looking at the player
  • Fixed issue with caltrop models not always being updated properly
  • Added automatic scrolling when typing in chat boxes
  • Added ability for spectators to watch a current objective's progress
  • Server admins can increase the defending team's spawn timers in Stopwatch
  • Players can verify people's Steam identities so they can verify people's Steam IDs
  • Spectators can see player names colored by team (red vs. blue) rather than white
  • New filter capability so players can view by their preferred server type which translates into dedicated servers offering better performance
  • Now force a refresh of the notifications screen each time it is activated
  • Hacking terminals are now easier for the attacking team
  • Added 10 seconds to each defending team's spawn time in Stopwatch mode
  • Fixed issue with caltrop models not always being updated properly

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