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Forsaken World update bringing mounted combat, level increase, and more

Jef Reahard

Forsaken World has only been live since March, but it's already time for a meaty content update. Perfect World Entertainment has just issued a press release that sings the praises of the forthcoming Chains of Kluer patch, and the August update boasts a fair bit of new and shiny (including the opportunity for level 70 players to fight the titular ogre who is imprisoned beneath Freedom Harbor).

The patch is also bringing a new hunting festival and a "pet-catching" dungeon to Forsaken World, as well as level three guild base unlocks and a level cap increase (from 70 to 80). Finally, players will be able to fight more efficiently thanks to mounted combat, as well as send their pets on daily quest errands. Read all about the Chains of Kluer update at the official Forsaken World website.

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