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TUAW's Daily iPad App: Baby's Musical Hands


Owen Goss is an experienced iOS game developer -- he's produced a game called Landformer, and I once watched him make a game about bacon farming in just 90 minutes at a conference. But he's taken a step away from gaming for his latest iPad app, instead creating more of a musical instrument meant just for the very young. Baby's Musical Hands is an app made for babies, using color and sounds to fascinate and entertain the youngest iPad users out there.

The app was created with Goss' son in mind, but any baby will likely be drawn to interacting with the visual and audio feedback that the app provides, and parents can "play" along with children as well. Unfortunately, I don't have a baby to test the app out on, but I'm sure any kid would find the fun in this one.

And at the price of just US 99 cents, it'll come much cheaper than most of your baby's other toys and gear (of course that doesn't include the cost of the iPad). If you've got an infant around who's shown a little iPad interest but isn't quite old enough to throw Angry Birds around, give this one a try.

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