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Yuji Naka describes Prope's canceled 'Haunted Tower' for Wii


During an Iwata Asks interview about Wii Play: Motion, Prope's Yuji Naka offered details about a Wii game that he once worked on, but eventually put away.

"When Nintendo announced the Wii MotionPlus accessory in the spring two years ago, I suggested to Nintendo a project called Haunted Tower. You defeated monsters outside the screen, so the living room was the scene of the action." This game was never finished, but when Wii Play: Motion came around (a project for which Nintendo recruited several small teams, including Chunsoft and Skip), Prope started working on it again as a potential minigame.

The minigame turned out to be too similar to "Spooky Search," the prototype contributed to Wii Play Motion by Naka's former Sonic the Hedgehog collaborator Naoto Oshima. "But in the two weeks left for prototypes," Naka said, "we made 'Trigger Twist,'" the shooting game included in Wii Play: Motion.

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