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ArcheAge video shows six minutes of scenery

Jef Reahard

ArcheAge fans have been aching for news updates since the close of the title's latest Korean beta last May. XL Games is presumably hard at work processing feedback and adding functionality, as we haven't heard a peep from Jake Song's dev team in quite some time.

Fortunately, our friends at AAPortal are parceling out various bits of video footage captured during CBT3. Last week we got a look at an ArcheAge cityscape by way of a parkour clip, and today we're treated to a six-minute montage of the game's stunning scenery. The footage takes us on a journey across tranquil meadows, arid deserts, and rocky shorelines, and even along for the ride as a player chases an airship (and later boards it, leading to some spectacular high-altitude nighttime vistas).

Head past the cut to check it out, and mosey on over to AAportal for the source post.

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