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Croteam looking for fan-written graffiti for Serious Sam 3


In a press release so tongue-in-cheek we're worried about their jawlines, Croteam has announced that its "Lead In-Game Wall Graffiti Artist" has decided to quit the company, leaving an opening for ... well, you. We're pretty sure Croteam is just joking, but the outcome is that it's having a contest for secret graffiti in Serious Sam 3: BFE, asking fans to submit some quick quips that will actually be posted in the game's environments, coded in Arabic and hieroglyphics.

You need to submit lines, either through Facebook or Twitter, by July 29, and the team's favorite lines will actually show up in the game. We were going to suggest the old standby "Kilroy was here," but someone on the Facebook page already posted that one, so we're out. Good luck to everyone else who enters!

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- Serious Sam 3: BFE Developer Needs Fan Help with In-Game Graffiti -

Zagreb, Croatia – Shocking news has rocked Croteam as the Serious Sam developer announced that Davor Kovac, Lead In-Game Wall Graffiti Artist, has abruptly left the studio to pursue his dream of being quoted in a rushed press release.

"Writing lines for wall graffiti in first-person shooters is a lost art," said Kovac. "There is literally no way anyone else other than me could write these lines. Definitely not Serious Sam fans."

Croteam is reaching out to Serious Sam fans to write the final few graffiti lines for this summer's Serious Sam 3: BFE. Croteam will select the best lines posted before July 29th use them in the hidden Arabic and hieroglyphic messages on the streets and temple walls in Serious Sam 3: BFE.

Fans can submit their funny lines for consideration through two means:

Twitter – Tweet your best line and tag it with the #SeriousSam hashtag. Follow @SeriousSamIAm to keep track of Serious Sam's favorite lines.

Facebook – Visit – Post your line best line to the wall and tag it with #SeriousSam.
"All unused lines will be collected and released as a $50 Graffiti DLC Pack," said Fork Parker, CFO at Devolver Digital. "That's motherfucking capitalism right there."

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