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Gotham City Impostors expected Winter 2012, will cost $15

According to IGN, Monolith's Batman-free Batman title Gotham City Impostors is expected to hit XBLA and PSN next winter for a cool, crisp 1200 Microsoft Points (or $14.99). We've been trying to work out the exchange rate in our heads since this price was first announced: If Batman: Arkham City costs $59.99 and features one very real Batman, does it make sense for Warner Bros. to charge $14.99 for a game which can feature up to twelve fake Batmans? (Batmen?)

While you compute this complex equation, check out the game's latest trailer posted above. Yes, it's all pre-rendered CGI, but it does a great job of giving you a brief introduction to the game's gun-toting counterfeits.

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