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All our Lion tips in one convenient place


First, make sure you've updated your 10.6 system before installing Lion -- there's a Migration Assistant update.

While you wait for the download, here's where to see your progress.

If you wanted to do a clean install, Macworld has some info. If you want to make an installer disc, here's info on that.

Once Lion is installed:

If you find Apple's Natural Scrolling is melting your brain's muscle memory, here's how to turn it off.

Learn more about Launchpad.

Find out how to see your drive's capacity in Finder again.

Get the scoop on revamped Mail.

Learn how to use and customize Mission Control.

Full Screen apps have some hits and misses.

Some gripes about Lion, and some workarounds.

How Lion handles saving, and the new Versions implementation.

Lion and Time Machine, plus info on locked documents.

Lion Server is the least expensive OS X Server ever, and it's easier to setup than ever before.

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