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LotRO gives us a glimpse into Isengard's Dunland


Dunland, one of Lord of the Rings Online: Rise of Isengard's three new zones, promises to be a treat for bold Hobbits and nebbish Elves alike. Today we've gotten a better picture of what Dunland will look like as Turbine's released six screenshots giving us a feel for the wide range of vistas we'll be encountering.

Dunland is located at the southern reaches of the Misty Mountains, with hilly, swampy and woodsy areas awaiting our discovery. The zone is dominated by the many clans of the Dunland peoples who are being tempted by Saruman into joining the forces of the Enemy.

We've got a little over two months to go until LotRO's latest expansion hits the streets, so take your time to peruse all six of these new screenshots in the gallery below:

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