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Olivetti's Olipad 110 and 70 tablets stop by Brazil, say ciao (video)


Olivetti's no carioca. It's a bonafide Italiano electronics company, but that didn't stop its latest round of tablets from making an appearance south of the equator. Shown off at the 2011 Eletrolarshow in Brazil, the 10-inch Olipad 110 made its second video appearance to strut its sleek NVIDIA Tegra 2-processing, Honeycomb-operating stuff. The successor to the Olipad throne also brought its little brother, the Olipad 70, to the party -- rocking a 7-inch capacitive display, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, WiFi and Bluetooth. Sadly, our penchant for bossa nova does not extend to Portuguese language fluency, so you're on your own after the break.

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