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TUAW's Daily iPhone App: Quest Runner


Quest Runner is a hack-and-slash RPG, though it's probably unlike almost any you've seen before. Rather than exploring an isometric world like many games of this type, Quest Runner is more cartoony and fun. The quests themselves are pretty simple, but the RPG premise is what really makes the game, as you navigate your character around and progress your abilities, weapons and armor up the chain. There's definitely a sense of humor in the characters and dialogue, and as you can see from the screenshot above, there's a certain amount of whimsy in the game's look and feel.

There is quite a bit of complexity as you level up (you can even equip pets and you have to feed them to keep them around), and despite the game's look, it can get hard at times. Other than some weird movement controls, however, it never really gets frustrating -- it's all about just playing for fun and hacking your way through quest after quest.

Game Center's included for achievements, and the game is out as a universal version (quite honestly, it looks a little better on the iPad, though it's still playable on the iPhone) for US $1.99. There are a few in-game purchases for convenience, but none of them are really needed -- there's plenty of game to play through here already for the price. One note: the game might be a little slow on older iPhone models, though a recent patch has supposedly fixed a lot of issues up. Other than that, enjoy -- Quest Runner is a fun hack-and-slash dash through a well-designed world.

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