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Apple leases Cupertino office campus for another 1000+ workers


While it waits for its huge mothership office complex to be built, Apple still needs more office space for its expanding employee roll. To that end, the company has leased an office complex in Cupertino that's capable of housing around 1,300 additional workers, according to Mercury News.

The nine building complex is just the latest Cupertino expansion by Apple, and local realty agents are now saying that Apple's demand for office space is starting to exceed local availability, with Cupertino "pretty much out of space" according to one agent.

All of Silicon Valley is in the same boat, with real estate expansions by Google, Facebook, and other tech giants gobbling up office parks as soon as the for sale signs go up in the front window. Once Apple finishes construction of its futuristic, 13,000-employee office park, it'll be interesting to see if the company retains the lease on its new satellite campus.

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