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Jade Dynasty's Imperial Citadel update goes live


Perfect World Entertainment has announced that Jade Dynasty's Imperial Citadel content update went live today, and the patch brought a healthy chunk of new features with it. For starters, the update introduces a new dungeon known as the Shura Gauntlet. The Gauntlet is a dungeon made up of an "even more twisted version of Shura," a previous game zone. The only way out of the warped dungeon is to go in further. Hooray, paradoxes! For each wave of the gauntlet that players complete, they'll be rewarded with increasingly powerful items.

There's also the Imperial Citadel, which has been reworked for Ascended Vitalized players, and gives them the opportunity to test their mettle through a series of "Imperial Tests." These tests will reward success with Chroma Beads, and they can be completed multiple times per day for players who want to roll around in a never-ending pool of beads. On top of this new content, the update also brings with it a couple of new daily quests and an improved item store. Head on past the cut for a shiny new trailer to commemorate the update.

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