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LEGO Universe dares you to make a 'Brickbuster'


Have an itching desire to be an amateur filmmaker, but all you have to work with is a video camera and your toys? No problem -- LEGO Universe and The Ones and Zeros Pixelshow think that's all you need to become the next hit director!

From now until August 5th, you can film and submit your very own LEGO "Brickbuster" in the Build-a-Brickbuster Animated Film Contest. The best of the best stop-motion machinima will be awarded prizes, showcased at Pixelfest in Broomfield, Colorado on August 13th and 14th, and included in a special DVD later this year.

Pixelfest Producer Dylan Krider sees this as a perfect cross-over between the MMO and real world: "When players aren't busy battling to save imagination in LEGO Universe, they can bring their wildest creations to life with virtual building and behavior tools that make it simple for anyone to make their own machinima creations."

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