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Microsoft Q4 FY11: revenue, earnings, and profits all up, beating expectations

Tim Stevens

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The news wasn't so good for Nokia this morning, but its new bedmate is in much, much better shape. Microsoft's Q4 earnings for the 2011 fiscal year have been posted, showing revenue of $17.37 billion -- up eight percent over the same period last year, and besting the $16.43 billion record Q3. That drove $5.87 billion in net income, which is a whopping 30 percent climb over the year previous. Looking back over the full year, revenue broke another record, clocking in at $69.94 billion, 12 percent higher than the year before.

Why all the good news? Well, the Entertainment & Devices Division saw a 30 percent revenue jump in the quarter, 45 percent over the year, as the Xbox 360 and Kinect continue to sell like gangbusters. Bing and Online Services also had good news, 17 percent revenue growth in the quarter thanks to the plucky search engine gaining ever more ground against the competition. But, not everything is rosy, with the Windows-related revenue staying flat -- down one percent this quarter, two percent over the year. Windows 8 will surely turn things around on that front, though, right?

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