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Pre-purchase Dead Island on Steam, get free DLC and weapon


That, ladies and gentlemen, is the Ripper (no relation). As our more astute readers have no doubt already noticed, the Ripper is a baseball bat combined with a rotary saw. It's available for free to those who pre-purchase Dead Island on Steam.

The Bloodbath Arena DLC is another pre-order bonus, and pits players against multiple waves of zombies. Players earn cash and XP in Bloodbath Arena, all of which is carried over into the main campaign. The arena also includes a new weapon, the Sonic Pulse Grenade.

Dead Island is asking a $50 entry fee on Steam -- or, if you've got three reliable friends, a four-pack will set you back $150, essentially knocking the individual price down to $37.50. But can you really put a price on a baseball-bat slash power-saw thing?

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