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Star Wars: The Old Republic pre-order is live! [Updated]

Shawn Schuster

After a few days of speculation, rumor, leaked images, and downright wishful thinking, the real pre-order for Star Wars: The Old Republic has officially gone live early this morning.

Along with the fact that the initial rumors were true (including that Gamestop price for the 150 USD Collector's Edition), we get information on a Digital Deluxe Edition (79.99 USD) and a Standard Edition (59.99 USD), for those who don't really care about the physical extras.

It's important to note that this pre-order is for US/EU players only; nothing for Oceanic players just yet.

So what are you still reading this for? I said the pre-order is live!

[Update: We asked BioWare about the Mac info on the Amazon pre-order page, and they said that's a mistake. It's not available for the Mac at this time.]

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