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    TUAW's Daily iPad App: 22 Days HD


    22 Days HD is an event countdown app that tells you the number of years, months or days until an event. It even counts down the hours, minutes and seconds, but the app calculates that value according to the day, not the exact time of the event.

    The app looks nice on the iPad, even if its navigation is a bit awkward. It opens to your event screen which lists all your saved events. Each event has an icon and is arranged in a grid pattern according to how far away the event is (days, months, or years). You tap once on an icon to view the event details and tap twice to edit an event. Be careful not to triple-tap an event, as that deletes it.

    While still in the event list view, you can get a quick look at all the events in each time category by tapping and holding on the "days", "months" or "year" labels. Pulling up information in this event list view is quick and easy, but you do have to get used to these single, double and triple taps, as well the tap and hold.

    You can also swipe left and right to navigate between your event list and the new event screen. This swiping is not completely intuitive as you have to swipe across the large 22 Days logo at the top to navigate. If you swipe on the bottom half of the screen, nothing happens. Once again it's easy, but not completely intuitive.

    The new event screen is where you enter all your events. You can set the name, date (month and day only), assign a notification date and time, and specify it as a recurring event, There is no option to set the frequency (weekly, monthly) or the recurrence; each event by default is yearly. You can also choose an image and must assign one before you can create an event. The image can be a stock image provided by the app, one in your photo roll or one taken with your iPad 2 camera.

    The 22 Days app is also chock full of value-added features. It lets you add an unlimited number of events as well as grab location data for each event. You can even pull in event information from your contacts (their birthdays!) and from an ICS file exported from your personal calendar. Events can be shared on Twitter by double tapping the event and on Facebook by triple tapping.

    Overall, 22 Days HD is a nice-looking app with many features. You just have to get used to its semi-complex method interaction that uses a combination of single, double and triple taps.

    22 Days HD is available here in the App Store for $1.99.

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