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Android App Player leaks out on to BlackBerry PlayBook


Back in April, when we put the PlayBook through its paces, we were disappointed to find it lacked the previously promised, and eventually teased, Android Player. Well, the time has finally come -- at least for those of you, who don't mind getting your hands, and tablet, dirty with leaked software. The folks over at n4bb snatched up a beta version of the program, which brings nearly 250,000 little-green-monster apps to the BB slab, but point out that it's got its drawbacks. Aside from altogether lacking a back button, this build apparently has some lagging issues. If you're the adventurous type, however, you can download and sideload the appropriate file by clicking on the source link below. But if your PlayBook gets covered in all sorts of leaky beta goo, don't come running to us -- it is unofficial after all.

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