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Apple TV 101: Create a genius playlist on Apple TV


Of late, the Apple TV hasn't received all that much attention here at TUAW. We can only assume that's because it simply does what it says on the tin -- it just works! But the other day, I found myself trying to do something quite simple on my Apple TV, and it wasn't "just working!"

Using AirPlay to stream music from my Mac to my Apple TV (2nd generation) downstairs, I wanted to create a genius playlist on the Apple TV without going upstairs to my Mac or using the Remote app. Using the Apple remote, I started scrolling through all the various menu options to try and find any way to create a genius playlist from a particular artist's song, but I couldn't find anything anywhere. Out of sheer frustration -- guests were knocking at the door -- I squeezed the Apple remote and accidentally pushed down and held the center select button. All of a sudden, a menu appeared out of nowhere with a "start genius" option. Crisis averted!

So there you go. To create a genius playlist on an Apple TV (2nd generation), go to the artist's song you want to start the playlist with, hold down the center select button on the Apple Remote and click on "Start Genius."

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