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Backblaze supports Lion, updates Storage Pod project


A couple of years ago, the folks at cloud backup provider Backblaze made their Backblaze Storage Pod design an open source project. For around US$7900, you could make your own 67 TB RAID 6 array, and combining 15 of the arrays would give you about a petabyte of storage at a cost of around $117,000. Now Backblaze has updated their project for even more storage at a lower cost.

In a post on the Backblaze blog, the company has announced version 2.0 of the Storage Pod. It now provides 135 TB of storage for only $7384, making a petabyte of storage a relative bargain at only $56,696. Add in the space and power for the pods for three years, and you're still looking at less than $95,000 per petabyte. Sounds like a fun weekend project, doesn't it? It may be time to put in those racks in my basement and take out a loan...

In other Backblaze news, the company has a Lion-compatible update available. Version is downloadable from the Backblaze website now. Competitor Carbonite sent users an email alerting them that a Lion-compatible version of its backup tool is coming soon.

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