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Full House Poker is 2011's best-selling XBLA game (so far)

Justin McElroy

Over 321,500 gamers doubled down for an aces wild deal-in at the Full House Poker table, making it the best selling game on Xbox Live Arcade so far this year, according to Gamasutra. Also, we do not know any poker lingo.

There are plenty of other winners in the chart (which is able only to count games with leaderboards) like Dead Rising: Case West (248,746), Torchlight (191,781) and A World of Keflings (185,504). But if we were to pick a lowlight, it would be that the delightful Adventures of Shuggy sold just 2,594 despite being, well, totally delightful. What's the matter, internet? Don't like good video games?

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