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Resistance 3 multiplayer beta coming 'first week in August,' watch videos until then

During an interview (coming soon!) with Drew Murray, lead designer of the "spectacular" Resistance 3, we learned that the planned multiplayer beta is just around the corner. "We're doing a friends and family beta right now," Murray said. "And I think we kick off the public beta sometime in August."

That "sometime" has now been narrowed down to "the first week in August" according to IGN, reporting from the Resistance 3 panel at Comic-Con. The beta features multiplayer modes Team Deathmatch and Chain Reaction, both shown on video here, and an undisclosed number of maps. It's still not clear if owning the less-than-spectacular SOCOM 4 is the only way to access the beta.

These videos both take place on Seaside, so that's ostensibly one map we know about. And the first week in August is really a great time to spend by the sea; one last beach run before the game's September 6 release.

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