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Ultimate MvC3 producer laments roster leak, speaks to lack of DLC for MvC3


Beyond the trickle of post-launch downloadable content for Marvel vs Capcom 3, Capcom offered little in way of support for the long-awaited Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 fighter. And according to producer Ryota Niitsuma, that was out of his team's hands. "After the release of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 there were plans to release DLC. But, as you know, less than a month after the game was released we had the earthquake and tsunami in Japan," he claimed in a San Diego Comic Con interview.

According to Niitsuma, the disastrous events that occurred in Japan not long after the release of MvC3 "threw off our whole development schedule." Eventually, a decision was made to release that content on a disc, along with tweaks to the gameplay, a new spectator mode, and other new playable content. Niitsuma characterized the content as "about half and half" between the originally planned DLC and newly developed content for UMvC3.

Speaking to the subsequent leak of the entire roster for the upcoming Marvel vs Capcom title, Niitsuma reluctantly accepted the situation. "It's a shame it got out, but that list, those names -- those are the characters we are adding to the game. But this is only a list of characters," he noted. "I think for the fans of our fighting games, that's where the real fun is -- seeing those characters move and act." As for when we'll see that? "Closer to the release date," he said. Unless it leaks out earlier, of course.

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