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WRUP: Planking into unemployment


Little did we know "planking" was grounds for firing from the GameStop corporate family. John Mazzocchi went planking for a moment last weekend and now finds himself unemployed after five years of service - turns out the the co-worker that took the photo was also canned. His planking tweet went up the GameStop corporate food chain and came back down with a pink slip.

A sad story.

What's everyone playing? 'Cause you best not be planking if you value your job!

  • Alexander Sliwinski (@XanderSliwinski): Gotta fix that Bastion.
  • Ben Gilbert (@BigBossBgilbert): Ludwig's review pushed me over the edge, so I'm gonna have to pick up Bastion, it seems. And one Mr. Hoops McElroy was nice enough to pass along his preview code for Resistance 3, so I'm gonna try and see the magic he saw. It's an inspired weekend, apparently!
  • Christopher Grant (@ChrisGrant): Finished Black Ops this week; almost done with Shadows of the Damned (TASTE MY BIG BONER!); and then it's onto L.A. Noire and, hopefully, some Bastion.
  • David Hinkle (@DaveHinkle): I could list a bunch of games but, in all honesty, I'll probably just play a bunch of Mortal Kombat.
  • Griffin McElroy (@griffinmcelroy): I just bought Civilization V, so I guess I'll see you guys in a month or so.
  • JC Fletcher (@jcfletcher): Mega Man Legends.
  • Jess Conditt (@JessConditt): Rent is due soon, so I'll be playing the fiddle, on street corners, nowhere near Comic-Con.
  • Jordan Mallory (@Jordan_Mallory): I met a girl named Catherine recently, I think I'll be spending the weekend with her. She's kinda weird, but so far we're hitting it off really well!
  • Justin McElroy (@JustinMcElroy): The only game I'm aware of existing is Pig Up.
  • Ludwig Kietzmann (@LudwigK): Deus Ex. Oh, no, not the new one. I just think it's time to replay a creaky classic.
  • Mike Schramm (@MikeSchramm): I'm at the San Diego Comic Con, and I'm hankering for a good old fashioned in-person tabletop game, so I'm hoping to snag some Munchkin, D&D, or Magic: The Gathering time before I leave here.
  • Richard Mitchell (@SenseiRAM) "The Kid picked up Bastion that week, and intended to put as many hours into as he could. He also bought a CDX, so he'll play lots of Sonic CD to make sure the thing ain't busted."
  • Steven Wong: I may kick back with some Old World Blues this weekend.

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