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Bulletstorm worth making despite not being profitable, says Epic

Jordan Mallory

Speaking with Kotaku, Epic President Mike Capps lamented Bulletstorm's financial performance, saying that the title "didn't make money for us." However, despite its relatively poor sales, Capps implies that the game was still worth making, and that Epic-owned developer People Can Fly is more to the studio than a content farm for the Gears of War series. "The next thing we do with People Can Fly will be great," he said.

We loved Bulletstorm, so it's good to hear that lackluster figures in the consumer sector haven't blinded Epic to the FPS's stellar critical reception. Now that we think about it, a lot of games we've liked lately have been selling poorly. Maybe Joystiq is cursed? Maybe we shouldn't have stolen that gypsy's ice-cream. Or defiled that mummy's tomb. Or built our headquarters over this ancient burial mound. Whatever, this monkey's paw we got at that frogurt place should take care of it.

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