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142 electric vehicle charging stations head to Massachusetts, Nantucket and MV not included

Darren Murph

Things are lookin' up in New England -- particularly for those who crisscross Yawkey Way with an electric vehicle. A grand total of 142 EV charging stations are slated to hit The Bay State in the coming months, with 25 communities across the commonwealth to get gifted. Boston reports that the majority of 'em will be in "common commuter or traveler spots," places like downtown parking garages, MBTA lots, shopping malls, etc. The bulk of the boxes will be part of the ChargePoint network, and we're told that the rates for recharging will be set by "municipalities on public land and by property owners on private land," depending on where each box is planted. So, is the charging station rollout between NY and MA the new Yankees vs. Red Sox? Nah, but a techie can dream.

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