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Facebook's iPad app revealed


Facebook's long awaited iPad app has been revealed -- but not by Facebook. TechCrunch has discovered the the code to Facebook's iPad app has been hidden inside the code of Facebook's iPhone app. No, the iPad app code wasn't always there. It was apparently added in with yesterday's 3.4.4 update of the Facebook for iPhone app. According to TechCrunch's MG Siegler:

All of this is possible apparently thanks to a seemingly tiny update Facebook pushed yesterday to their iPhone app. Version 3.4.4 seemed like a small version that restored the "Send" button for comments and chat among a few other little things. Facebook may have even pushed it out in response to some backlash they had been getting about the app, as Financial Times covered a few days ago. Perhaps it was the rush to fix some of those issues that caused Facebook to push this version - which will clearly eventually be Universal Binary (meaning it will house both the iPhone and iPad versions of the app) - with the iPad elements inside. Whatever the case, the app is carrying a payload of much greater importance than some bug fixes.

Besides just finding the code for the iPad app inside the iPhone app, Siegler has actually installed and launched the full fledged Facebook iPad app and is pretty impressed with it. You can see all the screenshots of it here. TechCrunch has also confirmed that the version of the iPad app inside the iPhone app is the Facebook iPad app the company will be launching shortly and speculates that TechCrunch's early reveal of the app may cause Facebook to launch it earlier than planned.

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