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VooMote One IR sled and app: A new iPhone/iPod touch universal remote


The boss -- AKA Victor Agreda, Jr. -- did an amazing writeup on July 15 where he compared three iOS-based universal remotes. Sure enough, just a little over a week later, there's a new kid in town. has created a universal remote sled for iPhone and iPod touch called the VooMote One ($99), which may finally be the device to capture Victor's coveted (and nonexistent) Ultimate Remote award.

Unlike some of the other remotes tested by Victor that required an auxiliary piece of hardware to turn commands sent by Wi-Fi into infrared signals that standard electronic devices can actually understand, the VooMote One is an infrared sled that your iPhone (3G through 4) or iPod touch (2nd through 4th generation) slides into. When coupled with the free VooMote One app, the duo can control 574 TV brands, 995 set top box or DVR brands, and 151 audio/CD player brands. It can also capture 30,000 infrared codes from thousands of other electronic goodies.

The app is constantly being updated with new IR codes as new devices and new capabilities become available. You'll be able to buy a VooMote One starting on August 5, 2011 at or at Victor will be writing a full review of this hardware in the very near future. In the meantime, there's a video for your viewing pleasure.

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