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Final Fantasy XI brings out another Mumor event for the summer

Eliot Lefebvre

Summer means different things for different people, but if you're familiar with Final Fantasy XI events of years past, you know it includes a summer event out of place anywhere other than Vana'diel. Fantastic Fraulein Mumor is coming around once again on August 2nd through August 14th, and just like previous years, there are plenty of fun activities for adventurers of all ages at this seasonal stage show. And just like with previous years, the stakes of the lore have been upped just a little more this time around...

But that's not the biggest draw for most players -- that would be the variety of cosmetic rewards and seasonal minigames that the event brings with it. This year is no exception, with players able to take part in the stage show to help ensure Mumor and Uka emerge victorious against demonic forces. Successful participants will earn a new yukata to show off participation, as well as unlocking new levels of challenge in the goldfish scooping minigame. And really, if you're a fan of FFXI, isn't the promise of taking part in the yearly magical girl event reward enough?

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