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Hidden Facebook app for iPad no longer working for many


Early yesterday morning we told you that TechCrunch had found Facebook's much-awaited iPad app inside the code of its iPhone app. Not only did TechCrunch find the Facebook iPad app's code, they managed to get the actual app running on an iPad and took it for a full spin. Shortly after the TechCrunch report, numerous people began doing the same thing. Obviously nothing about this situation made Facebook happy and they've since found a way to disable access to the app.

Despite using the multiple online step-by-step tutorials, users who have managed to install the Facebook app on their iPad have found that they can no longer get past the login screen. This isn't much of a shock as it's easy for Facebook to tell who is logging in from what app on what device and simply deny access when it's coming from their unreleased iPad app. Interestingly, people who did manage to install and run the app before Facebook began blocking it still have some limited access. TechCrunch's MG Siegler, who discovered the app, says that he is "still able to click around the app, though certain things (like notifications) are acting strangely or not functioning at all."

There's been no comment yet from Facebook about the iPad app discovery, but from all reports the app seems to have been fully functional, which suggests that it could be released any day now.

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