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Samsung Android slider leaked, likely en route to AT&T (Update: new photos)

Brad Molen

Looking at AT&T's current lineup of Android QWERTY devices sure instills a feeling of depression, doesn't it? When the best handsets in the category are the HTC Status and Pantech Crossover, there's plenty of room available for something a bit... well, fancier. A new Samsung slider recently leaked by BGR may be on its way to remedy the carrier's ailment "in the coming months." The render (displayed above) shows off the phone's standard four-button layout, front-facing camera, and a four-row keyboard; sadly, the leak didn't include any other specs. The likelihood of this being the Attain -- the AT&T-branded version of the Galaxy S II -- is low, since the layout on front doesn't match up with the global model in the slightest. So it may not be that phone, but it'll at least do a better job of Rethinking Possible than its QWERTY brethren.

Update: BGR added more photographic evidence of the mystery slider, sporting Android 2.3.4. The photos show off the model number as I927, causing speculation that this is indeed the Galaxy S II on AT&T. We still remain skeptical, since the layout is completely different from the global version: the front-facing camera is on the right instead of left, the rear camera is designed much differently, and the navigation buttons on the front are the same style as the Captivate. If it is the Attain, AT&T has mandated a complete redesign (beyond the obvious addition of the keyboard). The new images can be found after the break.

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