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Amazon tablet rumors flare on leaked supplier parts list


Last time on Days of our Rumored Amazon Tablets' Lives: Bezos teased us with a "stay tuned" cliffhanger, but shook his head at the notion of a color E Ink Kindle this year. While DigiTimes spilled its cup of beans about the devices' possible use of Fringe Field Switching displays and fabrication by Quanta Computer, the Wall Street Journal threw its two cents in with a report pegging a couple of new Kindles for Q3. Now loose-lipped sources are feeding the DigiTimes hearsay flames with a leaked supplier parts list that has Wintek, J Touch and CPT providing touch panels with NVIDIA processors at the tabs' cores. The Seattle-based company also purportedly plans to ship four million of these 7- and 10-inch slates by 2011's end. So, what to believe? We'll find out in due time, but with all this gossipy buzz you can place your bets on something.

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