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Buddy TV promises to not be just another iPhone remote app

Ben Drawbaugh

As much as we love HDTV, we dream of a day where TV is almost nothing like it is today. No channels, no grid guides, no preset schedule; nothing but great content that appeals to us is easy to find and discover. Obviously this is just crazy talk here in 2011, but there are plenty of people who share our vision and one of those is the creators of Buddy TV Guide 2.0 for the iPhone. It can integrate via IP with a Google TV, TiVo, Dish Network or Netflix, and makes it easier to tune into your favorite shows, or channels, with one less touch of the old school remote. It will even make suggestions or tie into your Facebook and Twitter lives. The limited hardware support makes it appealing to a limit group, so while it isn't going to keep us from using our old school remote for now, the video after the break does give us hope, that one day, there will no longer be a grid guide.

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BuddyTV Launches Next Generation Guide App
Provides customized TV listings and turns iPhone into master remote control

SEATTLE- BuddyTV launches the BuddyTV Guide app and turns the iPhone into a must-have remote for the living room. The BuddyTV Guide app knows what the user wants to watch, changes to the right channel with a tap, and even plays Netflix videos with a tap. The app also highlights whether or not there is a HD version of a show you like and if the episode is a new one or repeat. To further "cut through the crap" users can favorite channels that they watch most and display only those favorite channels first instead of endlessly scrolling through the traditional listings guide.

Andy Liu, CEO of BuddyTV, explains, "To me, the BuddyTV Guide app is a must have app that I use daily now. In fact, the app knows that I like to watch the Seattle Mariners game, and recommends it to me whenever they are on TV. I can then tap on the game right on my iPhone, and before I even open the door to my condo, the game is already on my TV. It has truly changed the way I consume entertainment."

The new BuddyTV Guide app:

- Suggests shows based on viewing history and preferences
- Integrates with Netflix streaming
- Provides the ability to customize the listings grid by favorite channels
- Recommends shows that usually get buried in the grid
- Comment on Facebook and invite friends into TV chat rooms
- Changes the iPhone into a master TV remote control

The BuddyTV Guide app is a free download available at the iTunes App Store. Native Android and Google TV versions are coming soon.

*The BuddyTV Guide remote control is compatible with Google TV Logitech Revue, TiVo Series 3, and any devices controlled by Logitech Revue.

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