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EVE Online shows off new toys in the war on lag


It's a bit of a cliche to solve a problem by declaring war on it, but in the case of EVE Online's war on lag the analogy really does seem to fit. The ever-increasing number of players places a growing strain on EVE's single-shard universe, and developers fight a constant battle to keep server performance acceptable. This time last year, the members of CCP's lag-busting development group Team Gridlock released a series of devblogs delving into all the work going on behind the scenes to fight lag and new tools like the thin client and mass testing events.

In a new video devblog, CCP Veritas from Team Gridlock shows off the latest toy in the fight against fleet lag. The Telemetry profiler gives developers millisecond-accurate details of what's happening on a server node, from physics calculations and database accesses to sending and receiving of data. By capturing telemetry of laggy fleet battles on the main EVE server, Veritas will be able to directly analyse the logs to find out where optimisations are most needed so that EVE can once again support battles with thousands of players per side. Head over to the official devblog webpage or skip past the cut to watch the video.

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