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LotRO rides through the Gap of Rohan and into Orthanc with new screenies


The long wait for Lord of the Rings Onine's third expansion is coming to a middle, but it seems even longer every time Turbine teases us with a few inside glimpses of Saruman's zip code. Today we've been treated to six new pictures from Rise of Isengard: three from the Gap of Rohan, and three from the tower of Orthanc (spoiler alert, it's one of the titular "Two Towers").

The Gap of Rohan shots primarily show off the various types of camps in the zone, whether they be friend or foe, whereas the Orthanc pictures demonstrate the twisted grandeur of the white wizard.

These pictures come hot on the heels of another trio of screenshots showing off the expansion's third zone, Dunland. Rise of Isengard is slated for a September 27th release, but the closed beta begins today!

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