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THQ laments 'disappointing' quality in recent games


THQ's earnings release and investor call have seemed to pile on the poor Red Faction series. CEO Brian Farrell called out Armageddon's disappointing sales in the release, and announced the effective cancellation of the series in the investor call.

Elsewhere in the call, he lamented the perceived quality of Armageddon and the other two most recent core games -- presumably MX vs. ATV: Alive and UFC Personal Trainer, though none are identified by name. "The last three launches we've had have been disappointing in terms of the quality," he said. "Mid-70s [in terms of Metacritic average] is not good enough, and the entire team in our core group knows that."

Farrell said the core group intends to focus on putting enough time and resources into its games to ensure higher quality. He specifically referenced Saints Row: The Third, for which "We believe strongly the quality bar is there." And that's how the game's signature weapon got its new nickname, "The Quality Bar."

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