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1.8 million PS3, 1.8 million PSP units sold from April-June

Justin McElroy

Sony announced that it sold 1.8 million PS3s worldwide between April 1 and June 30 (Q1 for Sony), a drop of around 600K from Q1 of FY 2010. Though numbers may have slipped, Sony is still predicting an uptick in sales for the whole of FY 2011: 15 million PS3s as compared to 14.3 in the year prior. On the games side, Sony fared a little better with 26.1 million PS3 games sold versus 24.8 in last year's first three months.

The real success story for Sony's console business is the PSP, which moved 1.8 million systems in the first quarter. That's compared to 700K during the same time period for the Nintendo 3DS and the 1.2 million PSPs sold in Q1 FY 2010.

In closing: Nintendo really needs a Monster Hunter game on 3DS.

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