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Dawntide releasing October 1st


While some games seem to be on us before we realize it, others are more of the slow-cooking rotisserie type. Dawntide is much like the latter, having been in open beta for almost a year now and marinating to sweet perfection before it announces dinnertime.

Fortunately, Working as Intended's fantasy sandbox title is nearing the end of its beta period, as the studio announced that it will release Dawntide on October 1st. You'll be able to get the client for free at that point, but after a 10-day trial period, you'll need to subscribe to continue your way in this MMO.

Dawntide's world encompasses over 500 square kilometers of ocean and land to explore and shape. The game is centered around several major systems: Crafting, World, Combat, Sorcery, Factions and Settling, and is rife with open PvP and skill-based leveling. We recently spoke with Working As Intended's CEO, Martin "Wiz" Anward, which you should most definitely check out, and there's a launch trailer for the title after the jump that's the cat's meow!

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