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HTC Ignite and Prime surface on Dutch e-tailer, may indeed be coming soon

Darren Murph

Second time's a charm? Here's hoping. Just months after seeing the so-called HTC Ignite and Prime surface alongside the Pyramid (which already launched as the Sensation 4G), it seems as if the remaining duo have found a home over at The Phone House. For those unaware, that's the Dutch version of the UK's Carphone Warehouse, a top-tier mobile shop that doesn't steer folks wrong too often. The Ignite looks to be a Windows Phone 7 handset with an 800MHz processor, 3.7-inch display and an otherwise understated motif. The Prime, on the other hand, sports a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, a 5 megapixel camera and Microsoft's homespun OS. There's no mention of a price tag on either (nor any other specifications), but that whole "coming soon" thing most certainly has our interest piqued.

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