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New ArcheAge trailer and mobile app at ChinaJoy; Song charts MMO generations

Jef Reahard

The ArcheAge news floodgates have opened this morning, thanks largely to XL Games' showing at the ChinaJoy Digital Entertainment Expo in Shanghai.

First up is an iOS mobile application reveal, and the program will allow players to view character details and message their ArcheAge pals (with more functionality on the way according to an article at MMO Culture). The fan site also has an interesting look at XL founder Jake Song's ChinaJoy speech which outlines the differences between first-, second-, and third-generation MMORPGs. Song charts the evolution of MMO gameplay from the "unorganized freedom" of early titles to the passive playground style popularized by World of Warcraft, and says that third-gen titles like ArcheAge will provide the best of both worlds by re-introducting player creativity and removing restrictions while maintaining a high degree of polish.

Finally, XL has created a new trailer for ChinaJoy, and the clip features the usual stunning scenery as well as a few new wrinkles (hang-gliding and castle construction!). Check it out after the break.

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