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Pay what you want for a Monaco shirt


Get a jump on Monaco fandom by buying merch in advance of the game's release -- even in advance of any announcement of a release! Pocketwatch Games is taking orders on Monaco t-shirts, in order to help support the ongoing development of the heist game. It's a gesture of courtesy, considering the team has all the inspiration it needs for moneymaking initiatives right in the game.

Pocketwatch is selling the t-shirts under a "pay what you want" model, sort of like the Humble Indie Bundle, but for a more tangible, wearable bundle. You have to pay at least $8 for the shirt and $6 shipping to cover costs, but you're free to throw in as much extra as you like. If you pay $19 or more, you'll get a button; $94 or more gets you a set of four. And the developers get to continue eating food while making Monaco.

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