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Resistance 3 beta begins Aug. 4 for SOCOM 4 owners, Aug. 23 for PS+


Sony has announced the dates for the Resistance 3 multiplayer beta. In the US, those who picked up a copy of SOCOM 4 will have access to the beta beginning August 4. PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive access on August 23. PlayStation Plus subscribers in Europe will be able to grab the beta on August 10, while PlayStation Blog EU promises there will be "further opportunities" at some point for non-subscribers.

The beta will feature two maps, Seaside and Trainyard, and will offer Team Deathmatch and Chain Reaction modes. Players will be able to gain experience up to level 20, upgrade weapons and abilities and unlock new character skins.

While you wait for the beta, check out some new Resistance 3 beta footage uploaded by a player, this time focusing on the trainyard map. Some interesting power-ups are shown, including a decoy hologram and a bubb– er, personal force field. Not featured in the video: Aim.

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