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Engadget's next reader meetup happens in NYC on August 25th!

Tim Stevens

Oh, hi! How are you? It's been so long! We know, we've been busy, but we're going to be in town soon. Very soon! In less than a month we'll be having a get-together for lots and lots (and lots) of our closest friends -- and yes, you're totally invited. We'll be hosting the event on the evening of August 25th and it takes place at Guastavino's, a top-shelf venue on 59th Street in New York City. It'll be an all-ages gig where you and your friends can try out some of the hottest tech you've read about here, debate with the editors about Windows Phone vs. Android vs. iOS vs. RIM vs. whatever, and maybe go home with one of the many, many great prizes we'll be giving away.

We'll have more posts with more details in the coming weeks as we get closer to the day in question, but if you're a member of the media who would like to attend, an exhibitor who wants to show something off to the fans, or a sponsor who wants to be a part of the insanity (readers, hold tight!), please e-mail us at meetup at engadget dot com. Until then!

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